Liesje Reyskens (1984, Zonhoven, Belgium)

Nothing is, as it seems. Not even, no, especially not when bathing in innocence. This is the controverse photographer Liesje Reyskens aims for in her work. While serving up childlike naivety like overly sweet, flashy pink whipped cream cake, she hacks in with a surreal blade. The extravagant perfection the spectators’ first experience makes way for the feeling something sinister is lurking around, as it is in real life.

From the very beginning Liesje prefers young cute models, portrayed as dolls in an overly colorful, pink and periwinkle world, restricted to move in society's rhythm. This image is miles away from the down to earth, ambitious woman Liesje is. With her innovative art she obtained global interest and has exposed in Copenhagen and Milan, from Amsterdam to Madrid, even transatlantic exhibitions in Toronto and LA.

The last few years Liesje has lifted her work, and in one effort the entire scene, to a new level. As a child of her time, undeterred by technological progress, this artist invested in the reconnaissance of arts virtual possibilities. Reyskens sole handedly added a new dimension to photography.
The result is an app, which, as a fairytale prince kisses the princesses and the dreamlike scenes to life.

Application ‘Liesje Reyskens’ in App Store and Google Playstore.